T-mote wireless truck remote Toyota

Drive while walking 

A small, sleek, ergonomic and user-friendly truck remote.
T-mote from Toyota improves productivity
- up to 15% for storages with a high picking density.

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The simple but brilliant remote drive solution from Toyota

A small, sleek, ergonomic and user-friendly truck remote, T-mote improves productivity for material handling. It’s especially beneficial for material handlers that go between pick-up points that are very closely located, and can increase productivity up to 15% for storages with a high picking density.

Before T-mote, drivers would often travel very short distances – perhaps not even a metre – between multiple locations before needing to jump down and pick up an order to load onto the truck. This way of working is both time and energy inefficient, with the added impact of the negative effect the heavy work has on the body. T-mote changes all that – optimising the order picking process and maximising productivity.

How it works

To use the T-mote, the driver logs on to the truck and then pairs it with the small, ergonomic remote. It only takes a few seconds before the driver is ready to set off.

The transition from on-truck to remote mode is seamless. The display on the truck gives a clear status: remote mode, manual mode, left/right alignment, obstacle and charging status. With the truck moving and following the picking side, the picking distance remains constant, resulting in reduced stepping up and down from the truck. The system also includes a smart scanner feature to improve safety. The scanner stops the truck automatically when an obstacle is detected to minimise accidents. Better controlled truck behaviour minimises service cost and maximises the life of key components.

Fits with our Toyota Optio order pickers

Today the T-mote is compatible with two different truck models, OSE 250 and the OSE 250P with more to come. In the Toyota Parts Shop you can buy extra remotes and charging docks separately, you can choose how many you need depending on the size of the fleet, number of users and charging needs. Simple but brilliant. 

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