Safety comes first – and cost control, productivity and sustainability will follow. I_Site is the complete solution for managing the entire fleet and all drivers-.

I_Site knows every driver, all truck movements, all stand stills – and what caused them. I_Site is the cloud-based management system that knows and understands everything there is to know about your fleet – even if it’s spread across all continents. As you can imagine, the improvements across the operation – from cost control and productivity to sustainability and health and safety – is substantial.

A warehouse or storage centre are places with high activity, often around the clock. Drivers sign in and sign out, and the fleet is constantly on the move. Products need to be moved and things need to get done on schedule. In an intense and performance-focused work environment, it’s inevitable that accidents happen. But when a truck or two is damaged, the entire operation is affected.

Enter I_Site: the solution for a stronger safety culture. With I_Site, users benefit from a wide range of advantages thanks to increased productivity and reduced costs, plus an overall optimisation of the entire fleet. I_Site knows which drivers have access to which trucks – and knows where all trucks are at all times. It can even tell how accidents happen, and analyse why. I_Site will notify you when trucks need servicing, maintenance or a charging of the battery. And if that’s not enough, I_Site ensures trucks run on minimum speed until any errors are fixed. With the Pre-Operational Check, I_Site helps you discover unsafe trucks so you can take them out of use. Plus, with regular streams of statistics from I_Site, you can optimise your fleet management.

The I_Site global cloud-based solution can be managed from anywhere, and is available for Toyota trucks. In addition to the management features, users also have access to user manuals, e-learning and support. 

While I_Site can do a lot, it’s those who put the whole system into practice – with regular follow-ups and brief meetings – that will enjoy the biggest benefits of I_Site. 

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